Case Studies

“It looks great when I’m on my bike!”
Body Meets Bike

Twenty years ago James lost his leg when his Harley was broadsided in a motorcycle accident in San Francisco. Since then he has been wearing a generic prosthetic leg, which has been all function and no form. This all changed when he was introduced to Bespoke Innovations and together they worked to create a Fairing that expresses his image, fashion, style of dress and, of course, his motorcycle. Wanting to create a Fairing that complemented his tattoos and his Harley, he chose a nickel and black Fairing, which was embossed with tattoos similar to those on his arm. “I hated that you could only get legs in one color, now my leg is black carbon fiber and is pretty cool. But, it’s even cooler with a Bespoke Fairing covering the prosthetic.”

James is athletically active, works out regularly and inline skates about 35 miles a week. When he skates he wears his Fairing, often receiving comments and questions about it, with more than one person remarking about how cool it is. When James wears his Fairing under pants, people are often surprised to learn that he even has a prosthetic leg, since the form beneath accurately recreates his original shape. “When I wear the Fairing it looks perfect…it looks better than the bare pylon, not just a little bit better, a lot better – like I’m wearing a piece of art. It’s custom engineering!”

The Bespoke Fairing’s 'cool' factor is what James likes the most. Though he has had to live with a prosthetic limb for decades, he is now energized by wearing the personalized Fairing that reflects his style and form. "I like the fact that it’s totally fabricated for me, it’s not something someone can go into a store and buy. It is something that was made just for me. It suits my lifestyle and me. It really makes it feel like it is part of me.”

James has been very involved with the amputee support group Stumps R Us for years and recently showed off his Fairing to the group with great reception. “I like the design, I like to wear it, I like how it feels with pants and I like to show it off for people”.

“I can feel it. I know it looks better... and I just like having it there.”

James lives with his wife in the San Francisco Bay Area.