For the Prosthetist

The prosthetist plays a vital role in the life of our clients. You help them walk, run, bike, and live the life they want to lead. Your patients, like most people, want to be seen as individuals. Bespoke Medical™ custom design services allow clients to express themselves in a unique way every day. As Fairings become more popular, here are some tips to consider when interacting with patients who wear, or would like to wear them.

The socket and hardware set should be as stabilized as possible. Significant changes to angles, components, or the socket may cause interferences among the parts or require re-fabrication of the fairings. When in doubt, it’s better to wait until the hardware is decided on.

Wherever possible, couplings and other protruding parts should be oriented so that they point rearward.

We realize that this is often challenging, but we prefer to avoid interferences wherever possible.

If you have a 3D scanner, you may conduct the scan phase of our process. We require a scan of both the sound-side leg and the prosthetic leg. The prosthesis should be wrapped tightly with a white stocking so that the details can be read by a laser or light-based scanner. The material should be drawn tight to the features of the prosthetic leg, ideally with a thread or string wound around over the stocking. This is important to highlight the features and clearances required as we create the parts. We can accept STL, OBJ, IGES or STEP files.

If you do not have a 3D scanner, we can send someone to your office to scan patients, take measurements, and get the process started. Please contact us for more details.

Donate Your Leg! (Well, sort of...)

Think of this simple act as the easiest way you can impact someone’s life. We often work with bilateral amputees, who have no original reference leg to use as an anatomical template. In these cases, we ask for volunteers to be scanned so we may use their limb as a reference for our patient. The process is quick and easy — show up at our San Francisco studio in shorts (or bring them), and we scan your leg in minutes. Your leg shape will then be “given” to someone in need. We are not currently seeking donors but will post requests for specific “anatomy donors” as appropriate.


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