Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is your offering a full prosthetic leg?
    No, we create Fairings, which are custom panels that fit over existing prosthetic legs. The "What is a Fairing?" video and section of our site help clarify this distinction. WATCH VIDEO
  2. How much does a Fairing cost?
    Fairings generally cost between $4,000 and $6,000, depending on the complexity of design and finish materials chosen.
  3. Are Fairings covered by insurance?
    Not right now. In the future, Bespoke hopes to work with select prosthetists who would be able to bill for Fairings within their insurance networks.
  4. How and where do I get scanned?
    Most of our scanning takes place at our Bespoke Innovations office in San Francisco. As we generate more interest, we plan on opening scanning facilities across the country.
  5. How much do Fairings weigh?
    A standard Fairing weighs about 6.6 ounces (about the weight of an iPhone). Leather adds 3—5 ounces. Metal adds a bit more weight and makes the Fairing come in at around 18 total ounces. Be aware that weight is entirely dependent on the size, shape, and pattern of each Fairing, but overall they are very light.
  6. I am a double amputee, what shape would my Fairing be?
    For bilateral amputees, your shape and form will be modeled after someone with similar stature. This person—we call them a 'stand-in'—will be scanned and their image used to create your Fairing shape. You will still be able to choose your own design elements and finishes. 'Stand-ins' can either be provided by you or sourced by Bespoke.
  7. I am an above-knee amputee. Can I get a Fairing?
    Yes! Bespoke recently started offering Fairings for above-knee amputees. They extend slightly higher than below-knee Fairings to just above the knee, but they do not cover prosthetic components on the upper leg.
  8. What is the warranty period on these products?
    We currently offer a one year limited warranty for Fairings which covers defects in design, manufacturing or materials. Fairings are designed for normal wear and tear, and are therefore not warranted against misuse. Please see the warranty that accompanies the product for more details about the scope of coverage.
  9. How long should I have my prosthesis before getting a Fairing?
    It is best if you are comfortable with your existing prosthesis before ordering a Bespoke Fairing. Experience shows that it generally takes about one to two years for an amputee to be settled into their prosthetic. A custom Fairing is a big investment, so we want it to fit over a prosthetic leg that is not likely to change in the near-term.
  10. How do I choose my patterns and finishes?
    You may choose your patterns and finishes using the Configurator tab on this website. This tool allows you to see what your Fairing will look like with various patterns and finishes.
  11. How do I clean my Fairing?
    Fairings should be cleaned according to which finishes have been applied. Fairings that are simply black or white polymer materials are dishwasher safe. Remove all hardware from the Fairing before washing in the dishwasher. Chrome Fairings can be polished using typical metal polish. If they get really dinged, send the part back to us and we may be able to buff them out. Leather Fairings should be cleaned and conditioned using a leather cleaner. Remember that leather is a porous material and it should not get wet. Please see the user manual for additional information regarding Fairing care. If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.